Frequently Asked Questions

What is therapy, and how does it work?

Psychotherapy is a process in which individuals work with a trained mental health professional to address mental health challenges, improve their well-being, and achieve their personal goals. Together we will focus on your current thoughts, behaviours, and feelings to build awareness of their impact on your progress and process. We will do this using role-playing, visualization, and other exercises to facilitate understanding and expression.

What is your approach to therapy?

My approach is client-centered and relational, meaning it is deeply focused on building a strong therapeutic relationship grounded in trust, safety, and healthy boundaries. I work using a trauma-informed, intersectional, and culturally affirming lens that considers the diversity of experiences, identifies, and beliefs and how they shape our understanding of the world. I truly believe in co-creating an approach that works for you.

How long will therapy take, and how often will we meet?

Therapy is a process rather than a destination and we will work closely together to support your process. How often we meet depends on your scheduling, capacity, and support needs.

What can I expect during our first session?

  • Address any thoughts, feelings, and questions you may have.
  • A check in on what is currently happening in your life, and the thoughts, feelings, and experiences that are prominent for you.
  • We may experimental with certain techniques and interventions with your consent to gain deeper insight and develop new coping strategies.
  • Co-create goals and a plan for therapy.
  • Evaluate the therapeutic approach and make adjustments as needed.

How will we measure progress in therapy?

Progress is not always linear, and it will depend on many factors and your own experience with the process. We will continuously check in to examine what is and is not working and adjust our approach accordingly.

What if I'm not comfortable with something in therapy?

You do not have to do anything you are not comfortable with, and I will check in with you to ensure you are comfortable and have consented to any of the approaches we utilize in our work together. 

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