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About Grace Richandi

As a queer first-generation immigrant, I felt caught between two worlds that were hard to reconcile. My actions were weighted by the sacrifice, guilt, and grief it took to be here and the desire to make it count. My path was one of deep learning as I grappled with finding community, building identity, and redefining home.


I am passionate about supporting individuals carrying the torch of healing generation trauma, and those exploring their cultural, gender, and sexual identities. As an immigrant, I am also deeply committed to supporting the emotional well-being of clients through a culturally informed lens that considers the naunce of one’s history and experience. 


I am trained in the Gestalt modality which is client-centered, relational, somatic, and experiential. My practice is also centered on utilizing de-colonizing, culturally-sensitive, 2SLGBTQ+ affirming approaches. 


As a neurodiverse person, my work also utilizes a neurodivergent lens with the flexibility to meet you where you are at and ensure accommodations are available to meet your sensory and processing needs. 


 I understand how hard it can be to reach out for support, especially if we have been taught to dismiss and hide our emotions to save face and mediate shame. I want to open the door to a co-created space, where self-exploration and healing are one of growth and virtue. 


I welcome you to Safe Refuge Therapy with open arms and a gentle invitation. 


Trauma-Informed Therapy

If you feel weighted by trauma  passed on generationally and are carrying the torch of healing and breaking old cycles: 


We will co-create space to safely navigate and unpack repeating patterns while staying grounded in your core sense of self and value on the path to new possibilities. 

LGBTQ+ Affirming Therapy


If your culture, gender, or sexuality seem to be at odds and are struggling to find support from your family or community: 


I will create an inclusive, sex-positive, and non-judgmental space for  you to integrate aspects of your identity, and learn to navigate different environments. 

Culturally-Informed Counseling

If you are a first, second, or third-generation immigrant/refugee  that is looking to process their identity and cultural experiences:


I will support you in navigating the emotional impact of your experience while honouring  your cultural background and identity.


Grace Richandi

BSc, MSc, RP (Qualifying) 
Registration #: 17566


 577 Kingston Rd. 

Toronto ON, M4E 1R3